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List "New Mexico 13ers (All)" By SupraNihilEst      View Map of this List
# in list Name Elevation Saddle Prominence Line Parent Isolation Proximate Parent State Counties Quadrangle
1Wheeler Peak13,161' 9,752' 3,409' Purgatoire Peak37.45 Purgatoire PeakNMTaosWheeler Peak - Map
2Walter, Mount13,140' 13,060' 80' Wheeler Peak0.32 Wheeler PeakNMTaosWheeler Peak - Map
3Old Mike Peak13,113' 12,860' 253' Wheeler Peak0.95 Wheeler PeakNMTaosWheeler Peak - Map
4Truchas Peak13,102' 9,101' 4,001' Wheeler Peak43.02 Wheeler PeakNMMora & Rio ArribaTruchas Peak - Map
5Middle Truchas Peak13,066' 12,820' 246' Truchas Peak0.72 Truchas PeakNMRio ArribaTruchas Peak - Map
6"Medio Truchas Peak"13,060' 12,900' 160' Truchas Peak0.49 Truchas PeakNMMora & Rio ArribaTruchas Peak - Map
7North Truchas Peak13,024' 12,380' 644' Truchas Peak1.34 Truchas PeakNMMora & Rio ArribaTruchas Peak - Map

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