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List "Moosehead Pinnacle Pursuit" By wayfarer      View Map of this List
# in list Name Elevation Saddle Prominence Line Parent Isolation Proximate Parent State Counties Quadrangle
1White Cap Mountain3,654' 1,030' 2,624' 389428.26 Barren MountainMEPiscataquisBig Shanty Mountain - Map
2Big Squaw Mountain3,194' 1,070' 2,124' Baker Mountain16.07 3281MEPiscataquisBig Squaw Pond - Map
3Number Four Mountain2,894' 2,659' 235' 32811.64 3281MEPiscataquisNumber Four Mountain - Map
4"Eagle Rock"2,367' 2,190' 177' Big Squaw Mountain, West1.33 Big Squaw Mountain, WestMEPiscataquisIndian Pond North - Map
5Boarstone Mountain1,981' 1,009' 972' 21703.11 Barren MountainMEPiscataquisBarren Mountain West - Map
6Kineo, Mount1,810' 1,030' 780' Little Kineo Mountain3.47 Little Kineo MountainMEPiscataquisMount Kineo - Map

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