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zdvickery has completed 28 of 1038 ID 7ers with 300'+ prominence
13 ID 7ers with less than 300' prominence
300'+ Prominence Only?
# Name Rank Elevation Prominence Counties Quadrangle
1"Wells Mountain"7,993' 253' CamasPhillips Creek
2Bell Mountain23177,988' 1,528' BlaineLittle Wood River Reservoir
3Collier Peak23227,982' 402' ValleyAlpha
4Gem County HP23397,971' 311' Gem & ValleyTripod Peak
5Trapper Peak7,892' 272' CassiaTrapper Peak
6Lava Mountain7,882' 142' ElmorePrairie
7Eightmile Mountain24357,871' 731' BoiseEightmile Mountain
8Sunset Mountain24377,869' 1,752' BoiseSunset Mountain
9Cuddy Mountain24387,867' 3,207' WashingtonCuddy Mountain
10Twin Falls County HP7,860' 120' Twin FallsCurtis Draw
11785924497,859' 399' AdamsCouncil Mountain
12Twin Knobs, South7,823' 243' BannockSedgwick Peak
13Twin Knobs, North7,820' 80' BannockSedgwick Peak
14Flatiron Mountain7,809' 229' CassiaTrapper Peak
15South Mountain25097,801' 2,091' OwyheeCliffs
16"Johnstone Peak"S7,757' 297' OwyheeWilliams Creek
17Cuddy Point7,715' 55' WashingtonCuddy Mountain
18House Mountain26067,700' 1,720' ElmoreHouse Mountain
19Sturgill Peak27057,589' 3,449' WashingtonSturgill Peak
20Shafer Butte27157,582' 2,726' BoiseShafer Butte
21Big Southern Butte27557,560' 2,390' ButteBig Southern Butte
22Arco Peak27657,547' 607' ButteArco North
23Lookout Mountain27827,539' 879' BlaineSeamans Creek
24Thorn Creek Butte27997,515' 1,775' BoiseArrowrock Reservoir NE
25Bennett Mountain28727,441' 1,981' ElmoreBennett Mountain
26742228947,422' 442' CusterCape Horn Lakes
27Hitt Peak29047,420' 520' WashingtonSturgill Peak
28Mountain View Peak7,365' 225' Twin FallsPike Mountain
29Slacks Mountain29977,339' 679' OwyheeSilver City
30Pine Mountain30027,332' 912' BlaineFish Creek Reservoir
31Bald Mountain7,314' 54' BoiseTwin Springs
32Hawley Mountain30317,301' 2,081' BoiseHarris Creek Summit
33Mores Mountain30817,260' 560' BoiseShafer Butte
34Chimney Benchmark31767,162' 822' CamasDeer Mountain
35Cotterel Mountains (HP)31987,140' 1,390' CassiaNibbs Creek
36712132257,121' 501' CusterCape Horn Lakes
37Packer John Mountain32407,100' 1,520' BoisePacker John Mountain
38Rough Mountain32557,090' 1,360' OwyheeRough Mountain
39Deer Point7,060' 200' BoiseShafer Butte
40Doe Point7,060' 40' BoiseShafer Butte
41Boone Peak33477,004' 304' OwyheeCinnabar Mountain

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