SD Top 100 Prominence Peak List Completion

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Name Prominence Elevation Counties Quadrangle
Harney Peak2,932' 7,242' PenningtonCuster
Terry Peak1,006' 7,064' LawrenceLead
Crow Peak920' 5,780' LawrenceMaurice
Elk Mountains (HP)839' 5,669' CusterClifton
Coolidge, Mount683' 6,023' CusterMount Coolidge
Custer Peak654' 6,804' LawrenceMinnesota Ridge
Lookout Peak578' 4,478' LawrenceSpearfish
Crook Mountain530' 4,940' LawrenceDeadwood North
Crooks Tower527' 7,137' LawrenceCrooks Tower
Polo Peak510' 5,410' LawrenceSpearfish
Bear Mountain456' 7,166' PenningtonBerne
Little Devils Tower440' 6,980' CusterCuster
Rankin Ridge403' 5,013' CusterMount Coolidge
Spearfish Peak400' 5,820' LawrenceSpearfish

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