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Pre-LiDAR LoJ Data
Category Awards:Stats in a day:
Peakbagger - Total Peaks Leaders 5+ Peaks in a day
Efficiency - Peaks Per Day Leaders 5+ Quads in a day
Heightist - Highest Average Elevation Multiple Prominences in a day
Bushwhacker - Lowest Average Elevation Total Prominence in a day
Mountaineer - Highest Average YDS Stats per month:
Masters of Rock - Most 5th Class Peaks Monthly Total Peaks Leaders - This Year
Scrambler - Most 3rd Class or Harder Peaks Top 100 All-Time Monthly Total Leaders
Masters of the Redundant - Most Repeats Stats per year:
Prominence - Highest Average Prominence Top 100 Annual Peak Totals
Low Ambition - Lowest Average Prominence Top 100 Annual Prominence Totals
Elevation Bagger - # Peaks by Elevation Other:
Prominence Bagger - # Peaks by ProminenceTotal Summit Leaders by State
Total Elevation - Highest Sum of ElevationTotal States by # Ascents - Leaders
Total Prominence - Highest Sum of ProminenceCompleted Quadrangle Leaders
Pioneer - First Ascent LeadersCompleted County Summits Leaders
County Traveler - Most Counties VisitedCompleted Wilderness Area Leaders
Quad Traveler - Most Quadrangles VisitedCompleted National Forest Leaders
Frequency - Most Calendar Days with SummitsCompleted Peaks Radius Leaders
Obscurity - Lowest Average Visitors per PeakElevation Index Leaders
Solitude - Most Solo AscentsProminence Index Leaders
Just in Case - Most Soft-Ranked Peaks366 Distinct Calendar Day Leaders
Extraneous Peakbagging - Most Unranked PeaksMost Repeats Per Summit Leaders
Elevation Extremes - Highest Elevation DeviationMultiple Repeats by a Member
Elevation Consistency - Least Elevation DeviationMost Consecutive Summit Dates
Calendar Month/Day Completions

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