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  1408 US Peaks
  1087 US Peaks with at least 300' Prominence
  17 US Soft-Ranked Peaks
  110 Complete US Quadrangles
  9 Complete US Counties
US Peaks by State (300'+ rise):
   18California Peaks
   55Connecticut Peaks
   236Maine Peaks
   74Massachusetts Peaks
   279New Hampshire Peaks
   2New Jersey Peaks
   277New York Peaks
   1Rhode Island Peak
   146Vermont Peaks
  2 Contiguous US 5,000' Prominence Peaks
  58 Contiguous US 2,000' Prominence Peaks
  298 Contiguous US 1,000' Prominence Peaks
  8 of 50 US State Highpoints
  88 of 3263 US County Highpoints (and equivalents)
  54 US Wilderness Area Summits
  9 US Wilderness Area Highpoints
  7 Complete US Wilderness Areas
  169 US National Forest Summits
  2 US National Forest Highpoints
  10 US National Park Summits
  1 of 63 US National Park Highpoints

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