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Member Since: May 2009
  191 US Peaks
  150 US Peaks with at least 300' Prominence
  1 US Soft-Ranked Peak
  7 Complete US Quadrangles
US Peaks by State (300'+ rise):
   1Arizona Peak
   4California Peaks
   116Colorado Peaks
   2Maine Peaks
   4New Hampshire Peaks
   2New York Peaks
   2North Carolina Peaks
   1North Dakota Peak
   2South Dakota Peaks
   2Tennessee Peaks
   2Texas Peaks
   2Utah Peaks
   5Vermont Peaks
   2Virginia Peaks
   1Washington Peak
   3Wyoming Peaks
  62 Contiguous US Highest 1,000 Peaks
  70 Contiguous US Highest 2,500 Peaks
  84 Contiguous US Highest 5,000 Peaks
  4 Contiguous US 5,000' Prominence Peaks
  31 Contiguous US 2,000' Prominence Peaks
  58 Contiguous US 1,000' Prominence Peaks
  4 Contiguous US 1,000 Steepest Peaks
  6 US Continental Divide Peaks
  9 of 50 US State Highpoints
  30 of 3263 US County Highpoints (and equivalents)
  48 US Wilderness Area Summits
  16 US Wilderness Area Highpoints
  1 Complete US Wilderness Areas
  1 US Wilderness Study Area Summits
  1 US Wilderness Study Area Highpoints
  108 US National Forest Summits
  7 US National Forest Highpoints
  20 US National Park Summits
  8 of 63 US National Park Highpoints
  2 Complete US National Parks

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