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Cliff Young
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  1132 US Peaks
  989 US Peaks with at least 300' Prominence
  3 US Soft-Ranked Peaks
  161 Complete US Quadrangles
  27 Complete US Counties
US Peaks by State (300'+ rise):
   1Alabama Peak
   5Arkansas Peaks
   2California Peaks
   8Colorado Peaks
   11Connecticut Peaks
   4Idaho Peaks
   2Illinois Peaks
   1Indiana Peak
   2Iowa Peaks
   1Kentucky Peak
   616Maine Peaks
   10Massachusetts Peaks
   9Michigan Peaks
   4Minnesota Peaks
   1Mississippi Peak
   2Missouri Peaks
   2Montana Peaks
   1Nebraska Peak
   83New Hampshire Peaks
   4New Jersey Peaks
   40New Mexico Peaks
   33New York Peaks
   25North Carolina Peaks
   4North Dakota Peaks
   1Ohio Peak
   5Oklahoma Peaks
   7Oregon Peaks
   10Pennsylvania Peaks
   3South Carolina Peaks
   10South Dakota Peaks
   13Tennessee Peaks
   4Utah Peaks
   21Vermont Peaks
   36Virginia Peaks
   7Washington Peaks
   3West Virginia Peaks
   5Wisconsin Peaks
   5Wyoming Peaks
  9 Contiguous US Highest 1,000 Peaks
  15 Contiguous US Highest 2,500 Peaks
  30 Contiguous US Highest 5,000 Peaks
  7 Contiguous US 5,000' Prominence Peaks
  90 Contiguous US 2,000' Prominence Peaks
  258 Contiguous US 1,000' Prominence Peaks
  39 of 50 US State Highpoints
  281 of 3263 US County Highpoints (and equivalents)
  47 US Wilderness Area Summits
  26 US Wilderness Area Highpoints
  6 Complete US Wilderness Areas
  193 US National Forest Summits
  21 US National Forest Highpoints
  31 US National Park Summits
  6 of 62 US National Park Highpoints
  2 Complete US National Parks

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