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List "Carolina Mountain Club South Beyond 6000" By wayfarer

Notes: These are the 40 peaks in the Southern Appalachians that rise above 6,000' elevation. The qualifying peaks must have 200' prominence or be at least 3/4 mile from a higher peak and still have 120' prominence. This list contains 41 peaks because of uncertainty as to whether Tri-Corner Knob or Mount Yonaguska is the higher of two adjacent peaks. Therefore, the South Beyond 6000 Club recognizes an ascent of either and does not require both. That may or may not change in the future. More information and the rules for recognition may be found here on the Carolina Mountain Club's website:
Update:As of Fall 2011 the CMC SB6K Committee has adopted several new rules pertaining to this challenge, including peak changes. Based on LIDAR data, Tri-Corner Knob has been removed from the list in favor of Mount Yonaguska. Also, Potato Hill has been removed in favor of Cattail Peak. All previous completions will be grandfathered in and still count as such.

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