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List "GSMNP Ranked Peaks" By ChrisinAZ

Notes: This is an overly conservative list of every possible ranked summit in the park. Included are several summits that are likely, but cannot be definitively proven, to be unranked. Also included are the six ranked summits along the Foothills Parkway easement (under management of the GSMNP and shown as contiguous land on official park maps), as well as two other ranked summits on the west side of US-129 where small parcels of park land are shown. Not included on the list above as it is not listed in the LoJ database is one possibly-ranked summit: 4564 at 35.57350 -83.36263. Pursuing this list as a purist and hiking even a dozen of the summits on the list will quickly introduce one to the miserable, character-building world of Smokies bushwhacking; some summits on this list may entail several miles and a few thousand feet of off-trail navigation to gain their summits.

The following summits have multiple contours that need to be visited for completeness:

Mount LeConte: (2--High Top and Cliff Top)
Chiltoes Mountain (2)
Eagle Rocks (2, north contour likely higher)
Balsam High Top (2)
Richland Mountain (2)
Nettle Creek Bald (2)
Cataloochee Divide (3)
Hyatt Ridge (4)
Greenbrier Pinnacle (2)
Bent Arm (3)
Doe Knob (3)
Thomas Ridge (2)
Canadian Top (3)
3860 (3)
3180 (3)
Curry He Mountain (2)
Lumber Ridge (4)
Deadrick Ridge (4)
Andy McCully Ridge (2)
1740 (2)
Flat Ridge (4)
1460 (2)
1420 (2)

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