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List "Passes on Continental Divide" By JerryBrekhus

Notes: This list features named passes on the Continental Divide that are the key saddles of ranked peaks. Unnamed passes are not listed. Half of the key peaks are not themselves on the divide.

The list is arranged in the order that you would reach the passes on a trek from Cape Prince of Wales in Alaska to the Mexican border. Of course, this would cross Canada, but only US passes and peaks are considered here.

In some cases the named pass location on the map is not precisely the same as the key saddle. Typically this occurs when a pass is identified where a road or trail crosses the divide, but a nearby spot is the true key saddle. For example, the saddle for Argentine Peak is listed as Argentine Pass (south).

The deepest Continental Divide pass by state:
Alaska Anaktuvuk Pass
Montana Marias Pass
Idaho Monida Pass
Wyoming lowest point on the Continental Divide in the state
Colorado Cochetopa Pass
New Mexico lowest point on the Continental Divide in the state

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