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List "Colorado Reduced ORS Top 30" By bdloftin

Notes: This is's list of the top 30 Colorado summits based on "omnidirectional relief and steepness (ORS), formerly known as spire measure, which measures a peak by height and steepness above local terrain, and lists based on reduced ORS (RORS), formerly known as reduced spire measure, which also includes a measure of the independence of a peak from higher-ranking peaks. These measures provide ways of measuring and ranking mountains which are different from both height and prominence."

It is similar to TWorth's average vertical drop in a 1 mile radius, except the ORS metric rewards large, more moderately sloped peaks a bit more.

In short, ORS or reduced ORS is often highly correlated with more "exciting" peaks, which look very visually prominent.

*Ragged Peak refers to its unranked 12480' south summit
*12768 refers to its unranked 12400' summit to the west

Neither of these have peak pages on LOJ.

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