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List "Arizona Range HPs" By Desert Mountaineer

Notes: Notes: Although the AZ Range HPs list as shown on this website contains 198 peaks, there are in
actuality a total of 205 peaks on the list. Where an AZ range extends beyond the borders of the state
and the range highpoint lies beyond those borders, that highpoint is included on the list. In the case of a
range extending into neighboring states, those highpoints have been included in the list of 198 peaks
(see Note 5 below). In the case of the five (5) ranges extending into Mexico, those highpoints have not
been included in the list of 198 peaks since they do not exist in the Lists of John database (which
references US peaks only) and therefore cannot be shown. Those peaks are described in Note 6 below.
In addition, there are two (2) AZ range highpoints which lie on the Arizona border but are not
represented in the Lists of John database, hence their omission from the list of 198 peaks (again see
Note 6 below). These seven (7) highpoints, added to the 198 peaks shown on the AZ Range HPs list,
bring the total number of peaks to 205. In order to complete the list, you must climb all 205 peaks. No
waivers or exceptions are allowed.

Only 6 climbers have summited all of the peaks on the list, the last being in 2014. Starting in the 1990s
conditions began changing along the US-Mexico border. The Mexican drug cartels have over-run many
of the ranges near the border, making those climbs very dangerous. In addition to the challenges of the
Mexican Peaks, over 40 of the Arizona peaks are stealth climbs. Because conditions are likely to worsen
rather than improve, it is highly unlikely that anyone else will ever complete the list. Perhaps, though,
just by publishing the list others may be encouraged to give it a try. There are larger lists than this one,
but almost certainly none as challenging. Those who have completed the full list of 205 peaks are noted
below, along with their completion year, age at time of completion, and list finish range.

Desert Mountaineer, 1989, Age 42, Belmont Mountains
Dave Jurasevich, 1998, Age 47, North Comobabi Mountains
Bob Packard, 1998, Age 62, Little Horn Mountains
Mark Adrian, 1999, Age 41, Goldfield Mountains
Andy Bates, 2000, Age 21, Tortilla Mountains
rockinstraw, 2014, Age 44, Wickenburg Mountains

Appended to the list are the following notes clarifying fine points on certain ranges:

1. Two peaks in the Palomas Mountains appear on the 7.5 minute Kofa and Palomas Mountains SW topo
maps, respectively, to be the same height (1895 feet elevation). Both are shown on the Arizona Range
HPs list.
2. The highpoint of the Dragoon Mountains is located about 100 yards NW of Mount Glenn along the
brushy ridge at UTM 12R 595643E 3535655N.
3. The highpoint of the Batamote Mountains is located near the western escarpment of the range
approximately 150 feet SE of Papago Benchmark at UTM 12S 336495E 3593655N.
4. The highpoint of the Alvarez Mountains is located about 0.28 air miles NNW of BM Rocky Point at
UTM 12R 406540E 3509700N.
5. The six (6) out-of-state peaks (4 in NM, 1 in UT, 1 in NV) are all included in the Lists of John database
and hence are shown on the AZ Range HPs list of 198 peaks.
6. There are seven (7) highpoints which are not represented in the Lists of John database or the Arizona
Range HPs list of 198 peaks, but are an integral part of the list. Bringing the total number of peaks on
the AZ Range HPs list to 205. They include:

The highpoint of the Summit Mountains in Arizona is a location on the AZ-NM border at UTM
12S 682628E 3640642N.

The highpoint of the Sierra de la Nariz in Arizona is Border Monument 160 at UTM 12R 354387E

The five Mexican highpoints with their US counterpart range name, Mexican range name (in
parentheses), peak name, elevation and UTM coordinates are as follows:

Pajarito MX (Unnamed Range) - Cerro el Ruido - Elev. 5938 feet - 12R 489160E 3464850N
La Lesna MX (Sierra La Lesna) - Unnamed Peak - Elev. 3445 feet - 12R 388340E 3502600N
Sierra de la Nariz (Sierra La Angostura) - Unnamed Peak - Elev. 3182 feet - 12R 355385E
Sierra de la Lechuguilla (Sierra Tinajas Altas) - Unnamed Peak - Elev. 2329 feet - 12S 221570E
Tule MX (Sierra El Choclo Duro) - Unnamed Peak - Elev. 2657 feet - 12S 244640E 3556720N

CAUTION: Peak bagging in Mexico, particularly along the US border, may be a hazardous
endeavor. The author of this list, by offering the above information, does in no form or manner
suggest attempting these peaks and states that the information given is strictly for informational

If you visit the following website   you can read stories about
many of Arizona's mountain ranges and their highpoints, as well as much other useful information
to help you in your quest.

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