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List "Eastern COHPs over 3000 Feet" By wayfarer

Notes: This is a list of the Eastern U.S. summits and high points that are county highpoints, and over 3,000 feet in elevation. This list also includes contending peaks for counties where it is uncertain which point is highest. See the notes for "Eastern COHPs Over 4000 Feet" for an explanation of those peaks over that elevation. As for those between 3,000' and 4,000', they include additional peaks for the following:In Georgia, Pickens County has two contenders- Burnt Mountain and Mount Oglethorpe; In South Carolina, Greenville County's Little Rich Mountain and Slicking Mountain have been left off the list because field work has shown that neither is the hp of Greeneville Co, SC. Oconeee County has two contenders- Fork Mountain and one area at 3,280'+. This latter area is not in the LOJ Database; In Tennessee, Scott County has three contenders- Burge Mountain, Guinea Hill, and Walnut Knob. In West Virginia, Barbour County has two additional contenders not in the LOJ Database; Bell County, Kentucky has two additional contending areas on Cumberland Mountain, These are not in the LOJ database; Additionally, several counties have more than one contending contour on the same mountain. See for more information. Once again, see for more information.

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