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List "Southern Fivers (with 200 feet prominence)" By wayfarer

Notes: This is a list of all the peaks in the Southern Appalachians over 5,000 feet in elevation with at least 200 feet of prominence. It includes peaks that are in the error range for having that much prominence. This list also contains 36 peaks over 6,000 feet, rather than 40, because four of the qualifying peaks on the official Southern Sixers list do not have 200' of prominence. As to whether Tri-Corner Knob or Mount Yonaguska is the higher of two adjacent peaks, LIDAR data confirms that Yonaguska is higher, so Tri-Corner has been removed from this list. However, the South Beyond 6000 Committee currently still accepts an ascent of either for their popular South Beyond 6000 Challenge. At the bottom of the list is 4,980 Flattop Mountain. Recent LIDAR surveys have proven it to be 5,020 feet high and therefore a qualifying peak for this list as well. On another note, 5020' Blue Knob has been measured at several feet under 5,000' but I have chosen to leave it on this list so long as it remains to be shown as reaching 5,000' on the USGS quad. Also, there are discrepancies between Three Top Mountain (a.k.a. Huckleberry Rock) and Big Rock. On the USGS topo, both are shown to reach the 5,000' contour. The LOJ database shows both to be 5,020' but gives the prominence award to Three Top (Huckleberry Rock). However, LIDAR data shows Big Rock to be the higher of the two. Regardless, one of the two likely does not have enough prominence to qualify but I have chosen to leave both on the list until this can be satisfactorily resolved. This list was developed in collaboration with Peter Barr, the first person to reach the top of every summit on this list.

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