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List "Washington Wilderness P1000s" By EricNoel

Notes: The rationale for this list is to take the WA P1000 list and narrow it to a smaller set of peaks which are enjoyable climbs. Any peak with dirty prominence of 1000' or with a dirty summit elevation that could allow it to capture another peak's prominence satisfies that criterion. The wilderness rule means that every peak on this list must be in a federal wilderness area. This means that all peaks are on public land and no tresbagging is required. Additionally, that removes any driveup peaks although there may be a few exceptional cases of peaks on the edge of a wilderness where there is a nearby road. Because wilderness peaks are generally alpine in character this is a high peaks type list with the vast majority being alpine or at least near treeline. In some ways, these criteria give a lot of overlap with the Bulger list but the P1000 stipulation means that the peaks are generally more significant. Moreover, the nature of this list is that there is a lot more geographic diversity than is found on the high peaks lists which tend to cluster in a narrow portion of the North Cascades. This list features the Olympics, a number of Alpine Lakes peaks outside of the Stuart Range and even a sprinkling of peaks in Eastern WA. Overall, this is my favorite WA list that I have seen to date. There are a lot of peaks that are familiar because they appear on other lists so a portion of the list is your standard peak list fare for WA. But I think the strength of the list is the depth of quality and relatively lack of chaff compared to other lists. The only possible quibble that I have with the way the list came out is that even as a lifelong project it is very large and ambitious. I do believe that it can be finished but it would be a huge project involving lots of effort and some serious mountaineering/climbing.

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