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List "Utah La Sal Range 12ers" By MikeRodenak      View Map of this List
# in list Name Elevation Saddle Prominence Line Parent Isolation Proximate Parent State Counties QuadrangleLiDAR
1Peale, Mount12,727' 6,547' 6,180' Lavender Peak73.17 Middle PeakUTSan JuanMount Peale - Mapyes
2Mellenthin, Mount12,652' 11,963' 689' Peale, Mount1.73 Peale, MountUTSan JuanMount Peale - Mapyes
3Tukuhnikivatz, Mount12,482' 11,740' 742' Peale, Mount1.67 Peale, MountUTSan JuanMount Tukuhnikivatz - Map
4Waas, Mount12,335' 10,541' 1,794' Mellenthin, Mount5.26 Mellenthin, MountUTGrandMount Waas - Mapyes
5Manns Peak12,277' 11,631' 646' Waas, Mount1.70 Waas, MountUTGrandMount Waas - Mapyes
6Tomasaki, Mount12,241' 11,584' 657' Manns Peak1.22 Manns PeakUTGrandMount Waas - Mapyes
7"Pilot Mountain"12,210' 11,735' 475' Waas, Mount0.88 Waas, MountUTGrandMount Waas - Mapyes
8"Castle Mountain"12,040' 11,678' 362' Waas, Mount0.59 Waas, MountUTGrandMount Waas - Mapyes
9La Sal Peak12,002' 11,667' 335' "Castle Mountain"0.38 "Castle Mountain"UTGrandMount Waas - Mapyes

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