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List "Indian Heaven Wilderness Peaks" By EricNoel      View Map of this List
# in list Name Elevation Saddle Prominence Line Parent Isolation Proximate Parent State Counties QuadrangleLiDAR
1Lemei Rock5,930' 3,493' 2,437' Adams, Mount18.12 Adams, MountWASkamaniaLone Butte - Mapyes
2Bird Mountain5,706' 5,100' 606' Lemei Rock1.76 Lemei RockWASkamaniaLone Butte - Map
3Gifford Peak5,368' 4,780' 588' Lemei Rock3.33 Lemei RockWASkamaniaGifford Peak - Map
4Sawtooth Mountain5,353' 4,860' 493' Bird Mountain2.17 Bird MountainWASkamaniaLone Butte - Map
5East Crater5,297' 4,780' 517' Lemei Rock1.44 Gifford PeakWASkamaniaGifford Peak - Map
6Berry Mountain5,020' 4,780' 240' Gifford Peak1.51 Gifford PeakWASkamaniaGifford Peak - Map
745824,582' 4,260' 322' Red Mountain1.00 Red MountainWASkamaniaGifford Peak - Map

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