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List "Fort Carson Peaks, Notes" By bdloftin

Notes: Rim Benchmark (6970): TA16 (12.2, 78.2)
Timber Mtn (6896, "2102"): TA26 (10.5, 68.9)
6740: TA30 (9.7, 67.1)
6510 ("1984"): TA32 (11.5, 65.1)
Wild Mtn (6695, "2041"): TA41 (4.6, 66.1)
Booth Mtn (6470): TA39 (11.2, 60.1)

ex, using MAPS_Ft_Carson_MIM and Metric Spot Elevation if Listed

SummitName (Elevation, "MetricMapElevation"): TA# (VerticalGridLocation, HorizontalGridLocation)

Elevation ("MetricMapElevation"): TA# (VerticalGridLocation, HorizontalGridLocation)


Directions for online Safety Brief:

Permits: (can only see after Safety Brief, choose non-consumptive unless hunting or fishing)

Open Areas: (weekends only, only valid when updated)

Maps: (I’m using both Ft Carson Recreation and MIM)

IMPORTANT: If you want to do a summit NOT in the block of your current downrange pass, you have to drive all the way back to Kiosk at Gate 1 near Visitor Center, check out, then check in again for that block. >> Since all 6 Fort Carson Peaks are NOT in the same block, you'll have to do some driving to the Kiosk and back, otherwise you'll get a $105 ticket for recreating in the wrong block.

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