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List "The Southeast 125--E+P > 6000'" By ChrisinAZ

Notes: This list identifies those ranked summits in the southern Appalachians whose elevation and prominence sum to at least six thousand feet. The list includes a wide variety of peaks, from some that see tens of thousands of ascents a year, to others that are climbed by only the rare diehard peakbagger. Some have roads to their summits, others are miserable bushwhacks, and several are private with uncertain access.

A completer of this list would amass six state highpoints, numerous county highpoints, and all but three of the southeastern P2Ks (Cross/Flag Pole and English Mountains in TN, and Magazine Mountain in Arkansas). They would also have climbed every ranked Southern Sixer.

The breakdown by state is as follows:



WV-8 (1 shared with VA)

VA-15 (1 shared with WV)

TN-18 (15 shared with NC)

NC-92 (15 shared with TN)

Of note: there are a few cases where several summits of indeterminate and apparently equal height are vying for the most prominent summit, in which case I have listed them all. Should you find any cases of this I might have missed, definitely let me know--I appreciate it!

The current known examples of this are below:

Stone Mtn

-Pond Mtn

Thorny Benchmark

-Bald Knob

-Cheat Mountain

Green Ridge Knob

-Gravel Knob

-Camp Creek Bald

Rocky Mountain

-Mount Pleasant

-Bald Knob

-The Priest

-Maintop Mountain

Ogle Ridge

-Coxcomb Mountain

Tusquitee Bald

-Signal Mountain

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