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List "AZ Fire Lookouts" By Bill Jacobs

Notes: Based on list of 120 Fire Lookouts in AZ by Dave Lorenz FFLA. Please direct any questions to Bill Jacobs or Andy Martin Books on AZ lookouts are Standing Watch by Eileen Moore and Climbing the Ladder Less Traveled by Joe Bill.

Six lookouts are not on LOJ because they are not inside a closed contour - they have no prominence. These are:

Buckskin Lookout Tower 7336 lat=34.2686 lon=-110.6081
Dry Park Lookout 8707 lat=36.4528 lon=-112.2382
Whitney Pass 4528+33 lat=36.5326 lon=-114.0482
Blue Ridge 7416 lat=34.5564 lon=-111.1705
Big Springs 7910 lat=36.5935 lon=-112.3347
Hopi 7060 lat=36.0714 lon=-112.1546

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