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List "Desert Summits - Zdon" By John Kirk

Comment # 1 by Candace Skalet on 2020-09-11:
Currently, this peak is on the LOJ "Desert Summits - Zdon" list: unranked Rainbow Mountain (6,820'): However, it should be replaced with ranked "Rainbow Wall" (6,924'): Here's why. Zdon's route description for Rainbow Mountain in "Desert Summits" (both editions) is a very condensed version of the DPS route description for the peak. For example, here's a 1997 trip report including the DPS route description: I've climbed that route to reach "Rainbow Wall." And the description matches the terrain encountered along the way. It does not match the terrain encountered along the way to the 6,820' point. The DPS route (and thus Zdon's route) ends at the 6,924' high point. Not at 6,820' Rainbow Mountain. So "Rainbow Wall" is the summit Zdon described. And thus should be the one on the LOJ list.

Comment # 2 by John Kirk on 2020-09-14:
Made the change to Rainbow Wall - thanks

Comment # 3 by Candace Skalet on 2020-09-14:
Thank you!

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