Updated: Colorado Top 100 steepest peaks

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Updated: Colorado Top 100 steepest peaks

Postby JoeGrim » Thu Jul 20, 2023 2:57 pm

Colorado's Top 100 steepest peaks at 100 meter radius has just been updated based on improved LiDAR-derived elevations using a 1 meter grid spacing DEM: Colorado's top 100 steepest peaks. Many of the peaks shuffle around a few spots in the rankings, but there are a couple surprises in this update, including:
Warm Springs Cliff moved from #42 to #7
6425 moved from #197 to #34
The peak steepness was calculated the same way as before: average elevation drop for a circle centered on the peak with a radius of 100 meters.
There is an outside chance we're still missing a top 100 peak, because not all Colorado peaks have been analyzed yet using LiDAR-derived data, although the top 250 from the previous top 100 list have all been analyzed. Once all ranked peaks have been analyzed, we will be re-calculating peak steepness again.
No other states have been re-analyzed yet.
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