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Elevation Gain Field

PostPosted: Tue Jun 12, 2012 3:55 pm
by Swithich
I was wondering what the possibility of a self reported Elevation Gain field would be (or a starting elevation self reported and then LOJ calculates elevation gain)?

That is, total gain to a peak. I add this to my list of summits when I copy them off since I want to remember who much I gained in counting the peak. In general I don't count P500 peaks unless I do at least 500 feet of elevation gain.

This would also allow a new award for total elevation gain, which I feel is a better representative of total work to get to peaks than prominence (since for example the Sandia Crest is a P4000 peak, but you can drive to the top).

Just a suggestion.


PS For multiple peaks along a ridge line, I give the highest peak the total elevation gain and then only count the distance from the saddle to the smaller peaks.