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More "peaks climbed by member" functions

PostPosted: Mon Jul 25, 2011 9:28 am
by crshortt
I know you can download your peaklist as an xls or txt file, and also that you can see a list of all peaks climbed by a member for a given time period that includes repeats. I know you can also see all peaks climbed by a member in a given state that includes unranked peaks. But I was wondering if some additional capabilities might be possible to add? These are:

1) Ability to see a list of ALL peaks climbed by a member in one list, on the site (as opposed to a download), perhaps on their main profile page as a second link beneath the link for peaks climbed in the current year

2) Option to see either of these lists displayed as a completion map, obviously not including repeats on the map

3) Ability to select a minimum prominence (and possibly even a maximum prominence) for either of these lists or maps

4) A checkbox to include or not include repeats on these two lists

5) A dropdown menu to select all states or only one for the list and map. Alternatively, capabilities 2, 3, and 4 above to be added to the members profile page for each state instead of a dropdown menu on their main profile page

6) Ability to export any of these lists in all formats, e.g. gpx, cvs, xls, etc.

Just some ideas I though would be neat and potentially useful,