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Non-summit listed on LOJ

PostPosted: Wed May 05, 2021 7:06 pm
by CandaceS
I'm trying to figure out why this is listed on LOJ: "Cal-Nev Mon #60 CA, NV" on the ridge between Boundary Peak, NV and Montgomery Peak, CA.

Is this a little inside joke I'm not aware of? :-D Because there's 0' rise and no closed contour here. Also, my notes state I did not see anything marking the boundary when I did the traverse in July 2002. In fact, I documented that I was slightly disappointed to see nothing! Other reports I've read also don't mention seeing anything here.

But it's no surprise people are not seeing anything, because the two "stations" (the little triangles shown on the map) are simply drill holes in the rock. Apparently there used to be cairns and a pole or board marking each one. But that was documented in 1894!

For some reason, I can't link the datasheet for T 60, which is the one that has details about this site. But you can look it up at the following link using PID HR2574

Re: Non-summit listed on LOJ

PostPosted: Wed May 05, 2021 7:46 pm
by doug72901
State Line Highpoint.

Re: Non-summit listed on LOJ

PostPosted: Sun May 09, 2021 10:03 pm
by CandaceS
doug72901 wrote:State Line Highpoint.

OMG, that really is a thing!

A list where almost everything has zero feet prominence, now I've seen everything! :rofl: