Basic snow safety skills trainer needed


Basic snow safety skills trainer needed

Postby Aaron Ihinger » Sun Feb 19, 2023 5:19 pm

Hello all!

I have a close friend who works for the National Forest Service in Gold Beach, OR and she's a very adventurous young lady named Darby. As a matter of fact, she semi-recently took on a second job in the Home Department of Fred Meyer (a Kroger Co. subsidiary like City Market), where I have now worked for nearly three years in Brookings, OR in order to earn enough extra money so that she can afford to take six or seven months off of work this year to hike the entire 2,650 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) by herself from Mexico to Canada! She's a very fast hiker but she has never had much experience with snow travel high in the mountain passes, so this brings about her need for some valuable training while she's in Colorado next month.

She'll be spending some time in Fort Collins, CO during the middle of March and she asked me if I could find her someone there who would be able to teach her the basics of ice and snow techniques, including self arrest in all four falling positions with a mountaineering axe, so that is why I have come here today to ask for a qualified somebody or another to help her on her journey. My last day working with her this winter will be tomorrow, Saturday (2/18/23), so I am hoping to find someone who can take a day out in the mountains to help to teach her the basics of this craft.

She said that she will be carrying microspikes for the San Jacinto Mountains down in southern California but the Sierra are having a really big snow season right now, so she will likely add crampons to her pack for the high Sierra, and possibly later on in the year for the Cascade Range if the autumn snow begins falling early later this year. So, please let me know ASAP if this is something that interests you, or if you know someone else who might fit the bill, because I have her phone number and I will keep in contact with her and let her know just as soon as I find someone suitable for this relatively small task.

I would obviously help her myself if I still lived there, yet I've never lived anywhere near the northern Front Range in all of my 26 years in Colorado and I would have no idea where over there might be the most suitable for these kinds of practices...

Thank you very much!
Aaron Ihinger
Aaron Ihinger
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