Consecutive dates with summits

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Consecutive dates with summits

Postby Bob Burd » Sat Feb 13, 2021 10:11 am

I guess I was hoping it would never end. John and Alyson stopped after an 8yr+ run, at 3000 consecutive days. I'm guessing that was planned, considering the number. Congratulations - I don't think that one is going to be challenged for a long, long time. Well done, Team Kirk!
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Re: Consecutive dates with summits

Postby CandaceS » Tue Feb 16, 2021 7:07 pm

Congrats! :rock: :brapper
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Re: Consecutive dates with summits

Postby John Kirk » Sun Feb 21, 2021 12:50 pm

Definitely planned... We posted about it here:
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