NV Peaks - Ryan Marsters

Ryan Marsters has completed 8 Ranked and 19 Total NV Peaks
# Name Elevation Prominence Counties Quadrangle Repeats
1Wilson, Mount7,070' 690' ClarkBlue Diamond
2Rainbow Mountain6,820' 240' ClarkBlue Diamond
3White Rock Hills6,462' 1,002' ClarkLa Madre Mountain
4Turtlehead Mountain6,323' 623' ClarkLa Madre Mountainx1
5"Windy Peak"6,260' 160' ClarkBlue Diamondx1
6"Black Velvet Peak"6,234' 254' ClarkBlue Diamond
7"Gunsight Notch Peak"6,180' 200' ClarkBlue Diamond
8"Juniper Peak"6,109' 169' ClarkBlue Diamondx1
9"Tunnel Vision Peak"6,100' 80' ClarkLa Madre Mountain
10"White Rock Spring Peak"6,020' 480' ClarkLa Madre Mountain
11"Magic Mountain"5,380' 160' ClarkBlue Diamond
12"Rose Tower"5,220' 40' ClarkBlue Diamond
13"Whisky Peak"5,180' 80' ClarkBlue Diamondx1
14Black Mountain5,092' 1,632' ClarkSloan NE
15Last Chance Range (HP)4,985' 1,735' NyeLast Chance Range
16"Red Cap"4,940' 360' ClarkLa Madre Mountainx2
17"Red Book Point"4,608' 188' ClarkLa Madre Mountainx1
18"Calico Hills - South"4,322' 142' ClarkLa Madre Mountain
19"Valley of Fire Summit"2,972' 626' ClarkValley of Fire West

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