ME Highest 500 List

Peter J Barr has completed 62 of ME's Highest 500
# Name Rank Elevation Prominence Counties Quadrangle
1Katahdin, Mount15,268' 4,293' PiscataquisMount Katahdin
2Hamlin Peak24,756' 506' PiscataquisMount Katahdin
3Sugarloaf Mountain34,250' 3,180' FranklinSugarloaf Mountain
4Crocker Mountain44,228' 1,218' FranklinBlack Nubble
5Old Speck Mountain54,170' 2,720' OxfordOld Speck Mountain
6North Brother64,151' 1,256' PiscataquisMount Katahdin
7West Peak74,145' 2,855' SomersetThe Horns
8Saddleback Mountain84,120' 2,446' FranklinSaddleback Mountain
9Abraham, Mount94,050' 900' FranklinMount Abraham
10South Crocker Mountain104,050' 360' FranklinBlack Nubble
11Horn, The114,041' 471' FranklinRedington
12Spaulding Mountain124,010' 595' FranklinSugarloaf Mountain
13Redington, Mount134,010' 460' FranklinBlack Nubble
14South Brother143,970' 520' PiscataquisDoubletop Mountain
15Snow Mountain153,960' 2,330' FranklinChain of Ponds
16Goose Eye Mountain163,870' 1,380' OxfordOld Speck Mountain
17White Cap Mountain173,856' 1,006' FranklinLittle Kennebago Lake
18Dutch Benchmark183,855' 485' OxfordNorthwest Pond
19Horns South, The193,805' 495' FranklinThe Horns
20Coe, Mount203,795' 305' PiscataquisDoubletop Mountain
21East Kennebago Mountain213,791' 1,801' FranklinQuill Hill
22Baldpate Mountain-East Peak223,790' 2,240' OxfordOld Speck Mountain
23Snow Mountain233,784' 1,274' OxfordLittle Kennebago Lake
24Kennebago Divide243,775' 365' FranklinLittle Kennebago Lake
25Elephant Mountain253,772' 2,062' OxfordMetallak Mountain
26Coburn Mountain283,730' 2,520' SomersetEnchanted Pond
27Saddleback Junior323,655' 625' FranklinRedington
28White Cap Mountain333,654' 2,624' PiscataquisBig Shanty Mountain
29Kibby Mountain343,654' 2,264' FranklinKibby Mountain
30Caribou Mountain363,650' 1,240' FranklinKibby Mountain
31Boundary Bald Mountain403,630' 2,002' SomersetBoundary Bald Mountain
32Old Blue Mountain433,590' 620' FranklinAndover
33Bemis Mountain443,590' 320' FranklinMetallak Mountain
34Jackson Mountain463,568' 1,798' FranklinJackson Mountain
35Carlo, Mount473,565' 415' OxfordShelburne
36Traveler, The483,541' 2,331' PiscataquisThe Traveler
37Baker Mountain513,521' 2,191' PiscataquisNumber Four Mountain
38Doubletop Mountain533,489' 2,079' PiscataquisDoubletop Mountain
39Little Jackson Mountain553,470' 420' FranklinJackson Mountain
40Center Ridge763,254' 344' PiscataquisThe Traveler
41Big Spencer Mountain813,210' 1,920' PiscataquisBig Spencer Mountain
42Big Squaw Mountain833,194' 2,124' PiscataquisBig Squaw Pond
43Blue, Mount863,190' 1,840' FranklinMount Blue
44West Peak943,178' 348' PiscataquisHay Mountain
45North Traveler Mountain1003,157' 607' PiscataquisThe Traveler
46East Royce Mountain1093,114' 504' OxfordWild River
47Tumbledown Mountain1133,090' 300' FranklinJackson Mountain
48Little Spencer Mountain1153,070' 1,780' PiscataquisLobster Mountain
49Little Bigelow Mountain1163,070' 860' SomersetLittle Bigelow Mountain
50Saddleback Mountain1342,998' 1,848' PiscataquisBig Shanty Mountain
5129901372,990' 340' OxfordOld Speck Mountain
5229381462,938' 668' FranklinHoughton
53Moxie Mountain1472,930' 1,823' SomersetCaratunk
54Quill Hill1642,838' 628' FranklinQuill Hill
55Barren Mountain1902,650' 1,539' PiscataquisBarren Mountain East
56Bald Mountain1972,629' 1,279' SomersetMoxie Pond
57Pleasant Pond Mountain2262,470' 1,040' SomersetThe Forks
58Fourth Mountain2632,383' 453' PiscataquisBarren Mountain East
59Black Mountain2752,350' 1,100' OxfordEast Andover
60Third Mountain3682,090' 300' PiscataquisBarren Mountain East
61Little Boardman Mountain3922,017' 467' PiscataquisBig Shanty Mountain
62Boarstone Mountain4111,981' 972' PiscataquisBarren Mountain West

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