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trankin has completed AllAllAll of NY's 30 4ers with 300'+ prominence
17 NY 4ers with less than 300' prominence
300'+ Prominence Only?
# Name Rank Elevation Prominence Counties Quadrangle
1Haystack, Mount34,960' 843' EssexMount Marcy
2Skylight, Mount44,924' 577' EssexMount Marcy
3Whiteface Mountain54,865' 3,110' EssexLake Placid
4Iroquois Peak4,849' 174' EssexNorth Elba
5Dix Mountain64,839' 2,822' EssexDix Mountain
6Beck-horn4,839' 66' EssexDix Mountain
7Boundary Peak4,829' 121' EssexNorth Elba
8Basin Mountain74,826' 742' EssexMount Marcy
9Gray Peak4,826' 118' EssexMount Marcy
10Gothics84,734' 715' EssexKeene Valley
11Colden, Mount94,714' 892' EssexNorth Elba
12Little Haystack4,708' 99' EssexMount Marcy
13Giant Mountain104,625' 2,969' EssexRocky Peak Ridge
14Nippletop114,609' 1,378' EssexDix Mountain
15Santanoni Peak124,606' 2,425' EssexSantanoni Peak
16Redfield, Mount4,606' 259' EssexMount Marcy
17Wright Peak4,586' 272' EssexNorth Elba
18Saddleback Mountain134,527' 377' EssexNorth Elba
19Armstrong Mountain4,445' 131' EssexKeene Valley
20Panther PeakS4,442' 292' EssexSantanoni Peak
21Table Top Mountain144,412' 426' EssexNorth Elba
22Hough Peak154,409' 390' EssexDix Mountain
23Macomb Mountain164,389' 600' EssexDix Mountain
24Rocky Peak Ridge174,383' 627' EssexRocky Peak Ridge
25Marshall, Mount184,379' 525' EssexStreet Mountain
26Allen Mountain194,350' 660' EssexMount Marcy
27Seward Mountain204,347' 2,035' FranklinAmpersand Lake
28Big Slide Mountain214,248' 1,115' EssexKeene Valley
29Esther Mountain224,238' 318' EssexFranklin Falls
30Upper Wolfjaw MountainS4,202' 282' EssexKeene Valley
31Slide Mountain234,190' 3,295' UlsterPeekamoose Mountain
32Lower Wolfjaw Mountain244,173' 679' EssexKeene Valley
33Phelps Mountain4,160' 207' EssexNorth Elba
34Street Mountain254,150' 1,280' EssexStreet Mountain
35Sawteeth264,150' 492' EssexDix Mountain
36Donaldson Mountain4,107' 154' FranklinAmpersand Lake
37Cascade Mountain274,097' 1,194' EssexKeene Valley
38Seymour Mountain284,091' 1,024' FranklinAmpersand Lake
39Colvin, Mount294,084' 754' EssexDix Mountain
40Porter Mountain304,084' 328' EssexKeene Valley
41South Dix4,084' 197' EssexDix Mountain
42Lookout Mountain4,084' 131' EssexFranklin Falls
43Hunter Mountain314,050' 2,160' GreeneHunter
44Emmons, Mount4,038' 118' FranklinAmpersand Lake
45Dial Mountain4,019' 197' EssexDix Mountain
46Yard Mountain4,009' 220' EssexNorth Elba
47Grace Peak324,005' 315' EssexDix Mountain

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