NV 11ers List

scgrant has completed 32 of 57 NV 11ers with 300'+ prominence
1 NV 11ers with less than 300' prominence
300'+ Prominence Only?
# Name Rank Elevation Prominence Counties Quadrangle
1Jefferson, Mount-South Summit511,941' 5,871' NyeMount Jefferson
2Pyramid Peak611,926' 764' White PineWheeler Peak
3Charleston Peak711,915' 8,257' ClarkCharleston Peak
4North Schell Peak811,883' 5,413' White PineNorth Schell Peak
5"Middle Schell Peak"1011,794' 689' White PineNorth Schell Peak
6"Quartzite Peak"1111,775' 481' White PineWheeler Peak
7Arc Dome1211,773' 5,233' NyeArc Dome
8"Johnson Peak"11,772' 112' White PineWheeler Peak
9South Schell Peak1411,765' 594' White PineSouth Schell Peak
10Taft Peak1511,706' 437' White PineSouth Schell Peak
11Washington, Mount1611,658' 518' White PineWheeler Peak
12Lincoln Peak1711,597' 937' White PineWheeler Peak
13Bald Mountain1811,562' 688' White PineWindy Peak
14"Uinta Peak"1911,545' 309' White PineSouth Schell Peak
15Mummy Mountain2011,527' 816' ClarkCharleston Peak
16Currant Mountain2111,513' 4,575' White PineCurrant Mountain
17Bunker Hill2211,473' 2,813' LanderBunker Hill
18"False Pyramid"2411,456' 406' White PineWheeler Peak
19114062611,406' 706' NyeArc Dome
20"Eagle Feather Peak"2711,400' 400' NyeCurrant Mountain
21Ruby Dome2811,387' 4,809' ElkoRuby Dome
22"Ruby Pyramid"2911,380' 480' ElkoRuby Dome
23113403311,340' 1,120' ElkoRuby Dome
24Hole in the Mountain Peak3511,306' 4,846' ElkoHumboldt Peak
25Grant, Mount3611,300' 3,960' MineralMount Grant
26Troy Peak3711,298' 4,790' NyeTroy Canyon
27Granite Peak3911,218' 822' White PineMinerva Canyon
28"Full House Peak"4311,140' 360' ElkoRuby Dome
29"Mount Talbot"4611,100' 1,244' ElkoVerdi Peak
30110854811,085' 2,025' NyeBrewer Canyon
31Verdi Peak5011,077' 617' ElkoVerdi Peak
32"Central Peak"5411,060' 663' White PineKious Spring
33"Liberty Peak"5811,032' 772' ElkoRuby Dome

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