ID 11ers List

scgrant has completed 12 of 114 ID 11ers with 300'+ prominence
2 ID 11ers with less than 300' prominence
300'+ Prominence Only?
# Name Rank Elevation Prominence Counties Quadrangle
1Ryan Peak3111,714' 3,214' CusterRyan Peak
2Bell Mountain4011,612' 1,752' LemhiBell Mountain
3"Doublespring Peak"4111,611' 2,129' CusterBorah Peak
4Smiley Mountain4911,508' 2,648' CusterSmiley Mountain
5Scott Peak5511,393' 4,243' LemhiScott Peak
6Big Creek Peak5811,350' 2,517' LemhiBig Creek Peak
7"Huhs Horn"7111,292' 392' LemhiScott Peak
8Webber Peak11,284' 104' LemhiScott Peak
9Shelly Mountain7211,278' 2,338' CusterShelly Mountain
10Redbird Mountain7411,273' 653' CusterShelly Mountain
11Clark County HP11,220' 40' ClarkScott Peak
12Dickey Peak9611,141' 2,823' CusterDickey Peak
13"North Twin"10811,081' 3,444' ButteSunset Peak
14Flatiron Mountain12211,019' 519' LemhiBig Creek Peak

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