NY 4ers List

jschmid has completed 8 of 30 NY 4ers with 300'+ prominence
5 NY 4ers with less than 300' prominence
300'+ Prominence Only?
# Name Rank Elevation Prominence Counties Quadrangle
1Whiteface Mountain54,865' 3,110' EssexLake Placid
2Iroquois Peak4,849' 174' EssexNorth Elba
3Boundary Peak4,829' 121' EssexNorth Elba
4Giant Mountain104,625' 2,969' EssexRocky Peak Ridge
5Wright Peak4,586' 272' EssexNorth Elba
6Big Slide Mountain214,248' 1,115' EssexKeene Valley
7Esther Mountain224,238' 318' EssexFranklin Falls
8Slide Mountain234,190' 3,295' UlsterPeekamoose Mountain
9Cascade Mountain274,097' 1,194' EssexKeene Valley
10Porter Mountain304,084' 328' EssexKeene Valley
11Lookout Mountain4,084' 131' EssexFranklin Falls
12Hunter Mountain314,050' 2,160' GreeneHunter
13Yard Mountain4,009' 220' EssexNorth Elba

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