OR 7ers List

johnvitz has completed 21 of 186 OR 7ers with 300'+ prominence
1 OR 7ers with less than 300' prominence
300'+ Prominence Only?
# Name Rank Elevation Prominence Counties Quadrangle
1Paulina Peak1627,984' 3,219' DeschutesPaulina Peak
2Beatys Butte1717,918' 2,055' HarneyBeatys Butte
3Maiden Peak1867,818' 2,598' Deschutes & LaneThe Twins
4Grizzly Peak1967,768' 1,438' LakeCougar Peak
5Dixie Butte2177,592' 2,332' GrantDixie Meadows
6Ashland, Mount2277,532' 3,152' JacksonMount Ashland
7Blue Mountain2377,435' 2,095' MalheurBlue Mountain Pass
8Bald Mountain2457,393' 2,323' KlamathWickiup Spring
9Fields Peak2537,362' 2,342' GrantBig Weasel Springs
10Brown Mountain2587,350' 2,068' KlamathBrown Mountain
11Swan Lake Point2727,260' 2,558' KlamathSwan Lake Point
12Yainax Butte2857,222' 2,077' KlamathYainax Butte
13Olallie Butte2897,215' 2,275' Jefferson & MarionOlallie Butte
14Hager Mountain2967,185' 1,455' LakeHager Mountain
15Snow Mountain3017,163' 2,143' GrantWhiskey Mountain
16Siskiyou Peak7,149' 249' JacksonSiskiyou Peak
17Big Lookout Mountain3147,100' 3,120' BakerBig Lookout Mountain
18Hamner Butte3157,100' 2,360' KlamathHamner Butte
19Walker Mountain3207,083' 1,573' KlamathWalker Mountain
20Fishhole Mountain3247,066' 1,561' LakeQuartz Valley
21Grayback Mountain3317,048' 2,288' JosephineGrayback Mountain
22Odell Butte3367,032' 2,202' KlamathOdell Butte

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