OR 6ers List

johnvitz has completed 29 of 532 OR 6ers with 300'+ prominence
1 OR 6ers with less than 300' prominence
300'+ Prominence Only?
# Name Rank Elevation Prominence Counties Quadrangle
1Aldrich Mountain3506,987' 1,767' GrantAldrich Mountain North
2Dog Mountain3656,935' 1,513' LakeDog Lake
3Lookout Mountain3716,926' 2,436' CrookLookout Mountain
4Spanish Peak3896,871' 1,473' WheelerAntone
5Tower Mountain3966,850' 1,270' UmatillaTower Mountain
6Pisgah, Mount4046,816' 1,396' WheelerMount Pisgah
7Cultus Mountain4216,759' 1,863' DeschutesCrane Prairie Reservoir
8Round Mountain4236,755' 1,255' CrookOchoco Butte
9Calamity Butte4396,695' 1,395' HarneyCalamity Butte
10King Mountain4466,678' 1,098' HarneyTelephone Butte
11Calimus Butte4666,622' 1,412' KlamathCalimus Butte
12Hamaker Mountain4766,596' 2,256' KlamathHamaker Mountain
13Flagtail Mountain4786,582' 1,442' GrantFlagtail Mountain
14China Hat4826,575' 1,305' DeschutesChina Hat
15Stukel Mountain5036,525' 2,055' KlamathLost River
16Horsefly Mountain5256,467' 1,017' KlamathHorsefly Mountain
17Black Butte5466,436' 3,086' JeffersonBlack Butte
18Spodue Mountain5546,421' 1,271' KlamathSpodue Mountain
19East Butte5676,401' 1,171' DeschutesFirestone Butte
20Sugarpine Mountain5716,393' 1,243' KlamathSugarpine Mountain
21Hampton Butte6016,343' 1,698' DeschutesHampton Butte
22Sheepshead Mountains (HP)6406,289' 1,979' MalheurRyegrass Butte
23Dry Mountain6436,283' 1,253' HarneyDry Mountain
24Drake Butte6536,266' 1,576' CrookDrake Butte
25Ochoco Mountains (HP)6556,260' 1,520' CrookWhistler Point
26Black Butte6746,235' 1,535' GrantBelshaw Meadows
27Lookout Mountain6786,230' 1,360' DeschutesRound Mountain
28Lake Butte6,227' 167' GrantMagone Lake
29Emily, Mount7886,110' 1,690' UnionSummerville
30Applegate Butte8276,074' 1,304' KlamathApplegate Butte

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