MA 0ers List

ahrendse has completed 5 of 42 MA 0ers with 300'+ prominence
13 MA 0ers with less than 300' prominence
300'+ Prominence Only?
# Name Rank Elevation Prominence Counties Quadrangle
1Great Blue Hill144644' 492' NorfolkBlue Hills
2Chickatawbut Hill148516' 305' NorfolkBlue Hills
3Hancock Hill506' 147' NorfolkBlue Hills
4Buck Hill497' 266' NorfolkBlue Hills
5Prospect Hill149477' 325' MiddlesexConcord
6Hemenway Hill475' 57' NorfolkBlue Hills
7Wolcott Hill467' 59' NorfolkBlue Hills
8Tucker Hill447' 147' NorfolkBlue Hills
9Holt Hill150428' 345' EssexSouth Groveland
10Houghton Hill428' 79' NorfolkBlue Hills
11Sunrise Hill398' 108' BristolWrentham
12Manomet Hill151395' 350' PlymouthManomet
13Bellevue Hill329' 177' SuffolkNewton
14Corey Hill260' 147' NorfolkNewton
15Parker Hill221' 148' SuffolkBoston South
16Bussey Hill182' 69' SuffolkBoston South
17Planters Hill123' 119' PlymouthHull
18Copps Hill54' 40' SuffolkBoston South

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