ID 5ers List

JerryBrekhus has completed 4 of 678 ID 5ers with 300'+ prominence
4 ID 5ers with less than 300' prominence
300'+ Prominence Only?
# Name Rank Elevation Prominence Counties Quadrangle
1Lincoln County HP44915,950' 440' Camas & LincolnThorn Creek Reservoir
2Menan Buttes, North47485,619' 794' MadisonMenan Buttes
3Mosby Butte48445,498' 408' PowerMosby Butte
4Big Blowout Butte5,401' 131' BlaineNorth Laidlaw Butte
5Carey Kipuka5,378' 88' BlaineLittle Park
6Laidlaw Butte49265,368' 398' BlaineLaidlaw Butte
7Ant Butte5,190' 80' BlaineNorth Laidlaw Butte
8Bear Den Butte5,104' 254' MinidokaBear Den Butte

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