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HockeyPuck has completed AllAllAll of NH's 31 4ers with 300'+ prominence
17 NH 4ers with less than 300' prominence
300'+ Prominence Only?
# Name Rank Elevation Prominence Counties Quadrangle
1South Twin Mountain64,902' 1,522' GraftonSouth Twin Mountain
2Carter Dome74,832' 2,815' CoosCarter Dome
3Moosilauke, Mount84,820' 2,960' GraftonMount Moosilauke
4Eisenhower, Mount94,780' 360' CoosStairs Mountain
5Little Haystack Mountain4,780' 40' GraftonFranconia
6North Twin Mountain104,761' 301' GraftonSouth Twin Mountain
7Carrigain, Mount114,700' 2,240' GraftonMount Carrigain
8Bond, Mount124,698' 318' GraftonSouth Twin Mountain
9Hight, Mount4,675' 125' CoosCarter Dome
10Middle Carter Mountain134,610' 720' CoosCarter Dome
11Guyot, Mount4,580' 200' GraftonSouth Twin Mountain
12"West Bond"4,540' 200' GraftonSouth Twin Mountain
13North Carter Mountain4,530' 60' CoosCarter Dome
14South Peak4,523' 63' GraftonMount Moosilauke
15Garfield, Mount144,500' 840' GraftonSouth Twin Mountain
16Liberty, Mount154,459' 399' GraftonLincoln
17South Carter Mountain4,430' 240' CoosCarter Dome
18Wildcat Mountain164,422' 1,034' CoosCarter Dome
19Hancock, Mount174,420' 1,240' GraftonMount Carrigain
20Signal Ridge4,420' 40' GraftonMount Carrigain
21Kinsman Mountain-South Peak184,358' 2,418' GraftonLincoln
22Osceola, Mount194,340' 2,040' GraftonMount Osceola
23Field, Mount204,340' 1,702' GraftonCrawford Notch
24Flume, Mount214,328' 428' GraftonLincoln
25"South Hancock"4,319' 179' GraftonMount Carrigain
26Pierce, Mount4,310' 250' CoosStairs Mountain
27Kinsman Mountain-North Peak4,293' 273' GraftonFranconia
28Willey, Mount224,285' 305' GraftonCrawford Notch
29Cliffs, The4,265' 205' GraftonSouth Twin Mountain
30Zealand Ridge4,260' 240' GraftonSouth Twin Mountain
31Tripyramid, Mount-North Peak234,180' 1,360' GraftonMount Tripyramid
32Cabot, Mount244,170' 2,665' CoosStark
33East Peak254,156' 336' GraftonMount Osceola
34Tripyramid, Mount-Middle PeakS4,140' 280' GraftonMount Tripyramid
35Cannon Mountain264,100' 760' GraftonFranconia
36Tripyramid, Mount-South Peak4,100' 120' GraftonMount Tripyramid
37Wildcat Ridge274,070' 300' CoosJackson
38Hale, Mount284,054' 634' GraftonSouth Twin Mountain
39Jackson, Mount294,052' 352' CoosCrawford Notch
40Tom, Mount304,051' 351' GraftonCrawford Notch
41Moriah, Mount314,049' 922' CoosCarter Dome
42Passaconaway, Mount324,043' 783' GraftonMount Tripyramid
43"Owls Head"334,025' 845' GraftonSouth Twin Mountain
44Galehead MountainS4,024' 284' GraftonSouth Twin Mountain
45Whiteface, Mount344,020' 600' GraftonMount Tripyramid
46Waumbek, Mount354,005' 1,299' CoosJefferson
47Isolation, Mount4,004' 224' CoosStairs Mountain
48Tecumseh, Mount364,003' 1,743' GraftonWaterville Valley

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