CO 11ers List

EthanChambers has completed 10 of 468 CO 11ers with 300'+ prominence
2 CO 11ers with less than 300' prominence
300'+ Prominence Only?
# Name Rank Elevation Prominence Counties Quadrangle
1"Mount Victoria"11,785' 45' SummitFrisco
2Tombstone Ridge144011,740' 320' LarimerTrail Ridge
3Jackstraw Mountain145711,704' 524' GrandFall River Pass
4Meadow Mountain148711,632' 412' BoulderAllens Park
5"Coney Island"150811,580' 400' BoulderWard
6Bighorn Mountain156811,463' 803' LarimerEstes Park
7Twin Sisters Peaks, East158711,428' 2,298' LarimerLongs Peak
8Twin Sisters Peaks, West11,413' 73' LarimerLongs Peak
9Twin Sisters Mountain161211,384' 364' LarimerLongs Peak
10Tileston, Mount166111,254' 314' LarimerEstes Park
11Joe Mills Mountain174411,078' 458' LarimerMcHenrys Peak
12Estes Cone177711,006' 746' LarimerLongs Peak

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