ID 6ers List

Deez has completed 4 of 1096 ID 6ers with 300'+ prominence
2 ID 6ers with less than 300' prominence
300'+ Prominence Only?
# Name Rank Elevation Prominence Counties Quadrangle
1Big Cinder Butte38996,515' 645' ButteInferno Cone
2Sunset Cone40236,410' 460' ButteInferno Cone
3Silent Cone40996,357' 427' ButteInferno Cone
4Grassy Cone41456,315' 305' ButteInferno Cone
5North Crater6,244' 214' ButteInferno Cone
6Inferno Cone6,181' 131' ButteInferno Cone

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