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Peaks repeated by TomChapel - 2019
# Completed Name Elevation Prominence State Counties Quadrangle
2019-10-04Otis Peak12,486' 426' COLarimerMcHenrys Peak
2019-09-18Longs Peak14,255' 2,940' COBoulderLongs Peak
2019-07-28Longs Peak14,255' 2,940' COBoulderLongs Peak
2019-03-21Meadow Mountain11,632' 412' COBoulderAllens Park
2019-01-17Grizzly Peak13,427' 847' COClear Creek & SummitGrays Peak
2019-01-17"Cupid"13,117' 377' COClear Creek & SummitGrays Peak
2019-01-16Grizzly Peak13,427' 847' COClear Creek & SummitGrays Peak
2019-01-16"Cupid"13,117' 377' COClear Creek & SummitGrays Peak
2019-01-10Quandary Peak14,265' 1,125' COSummitBreckenridge

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