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Peaks repeated by Tacoma MPV - 2019
# Completed Name Elevation Prominence State Counties Quadrangle
2019-07-17Bearwallow Mountain4,232' 1,354' NCHendersonBat Cave
2019-07-14Woodys Knob4,170' 830' NCMitchellSpruce Pine
2019-07-1433403,340' 520' NCMcDowell & MitchellSpruce Pine
2019-07-12Bearpen Mountain4,300' 320' NCMaconHighlands
2019-06-14Sandymush Bald5,152' 492' NCBuncombe & MadisonFines Creek
2019-06-14Brown Mountain2,996' 566' NCBuncombeSkyland
2019-01-21Sugar Mountain5,220' 1,000' NCAveryNewland
2019-01-17Bearwallow Mountain4,232' 1,354' NCHendersonBat Cave

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