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Peaks repeated by Shamansleeve - 2019
# Completed Name Elevation Prominence State Counties Quadrangle
2019-11-29Frissell, Mount2,455' 797' MABerkshireBash Bish Falls
2019-11-29Bear Mountain2,327' 443' CTLitchfieldBash Bish Falls
2019-10-2070817,081' 621' IDBannockPocatello South
2019-09-08Howard Mountain5,860' 513' IDPowerMichaud Creek
2019-08-25Thompson Peak10,751' 2,451' IDCusterStanley Lake
2019-08-11Borah Peak12,662' 6,002' IDCusterBorah Peak
2019-08-09Table Mountain11,106' 986' WYTetonGrand Teton
2019-07-27Kinport Peak7,222' 362' IDBannockPocatello South
2019-06-07Big Southern Butte7,560' 2,390' IDButteBig Southern Butte
10 2019-06-02Scout Mountain8,700' 1,240' IDBannockScout Mountain
11 2019-04-30Indian Mountain7,298' 598' IDBannockScout Mountain

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