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Peaks repeated by SawtoothSean - 2019
# Completed Name Elevation Prominence State Counties Quadrangle
2019-09-14Braxon Peak10,353' 533' IDBoise & CusterMount Cramer
2019-08-29Sevy Peak10,500' 480' IDCusterMount Cramer
2019-07-11Pikes Peak14,110' 5,530' COEl PasoPikes Peak
2019-07-11Payette Peak10,211' 373' IDBoise & CusterSnowyside Peak
2019-07-06McGown Peak9,860' 1,080' IDCusterStanley Lake
2019-07-05Ruffneck Peak9,407' 1,594' IDCusterCape Horn Lakes
2019-06-28McCaleb, Mount11,682' 702' IDCusterMackay
2019-06-21Hyndman Peak12,009' 4,829' IDBlaine & CusterHyndman Peak

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