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Peaks repeated by Paul Metz - 2019
# Completed Name Elevation Prominence State Counties Quadrangle
2019-11-05Prospect Mountain8,900' 840' COLarimerLongs Peak
2019-10-07Douglas Mountain9,550' 810' COClear CreekEmpire
2019-09-10Evans, Mount14,264' 2,764' COClear CreekMount Evans
2019-08-26Eagle Cliff Mountain8,906' 686' COLarimerLongs Peak
2019-08-09Emerald Mountain9,237' 537' COLarimerLongs Peak
2019-08-02Prospect Mountain8,900' 840' COLarimerLongs Peak
2019-07-15Twin Sisters Peaks, East11,428' 2,298' COLarimerLongs Peak
2019-06-11Crosier Mountain9,250' 1,270' COLarimerGlen Haven
2019-06-06Kruger Rock9,355' 415' COLarimerPanorama Peak
10 2019-05-31Eagle Cliff Mountain8,906' 686' COLarimerLongs Peak
11 2019-05-31Prospect Mountain8,900' 840' COLarimerLongs Peak
12 2019-05-1772017,201' 341' COBoulderBoulder

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