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Peaks repeated by Allan Belmore - 2019
# Completed Name Elevation Prominence State Counties Quadrangle
2019-10-06"Peak X"12,429' 1,759' COParkTopaz Mountain
2019-09-28"Peak Y"12,274' 534' COParkTopaz Mountain
2019-09-28"Peak Z"12,244' 304' COParkTopaz Mountain
2019-09-28"Zephyr"12,067' 337' COParkTopaz Mountain
2019-09-14Logan, Mount12,870' 1,210' COParkMount Logan
2019-08-31Sugarloaf Peak12,513' 475' COClear CreekGeorgetown
2019-07-05South Twin Cone Peak12,340' 720' COParkMount Logan
2019-07-05North Twin Cone Peak12,323' 383' COParkMount Logan

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