NY 1,000+' Prominence Peak List Completion

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Name Prominence Elevation Counties Quadrangle
Marcy, Mount4,919' 5,344' EssexMount Marcy
Slide Mountain3,295' 4,190' UlsterPeekamoose Mountain
Whiteface Mountain3,110' 4,865' EssexLake Placid
Giant Mountain2,969' 4,625' EssexRocky Peak Ridge
Dix Mountain2,822' 4,839' EssexDix Mountain
Santanoni Peak2,425' 4,606' EssexSantanoni Peak
Black Mountain2,300' 2,650' WashingtonShelving Rock
Lyon Mountain2,247' 3,830' ClintonMoffitsville
Snowy Mountain2,243' 3,899' HamiltonSnowy Mountain
Hunter Mountain2,160' 4,050' GreeneHunter
Algonquin Peak2,113' 5,114' EssexNorth Elba
Black Dome2,080' 3,990' GreeneFreehold
Seward Mountain2,035' 4,347' FranklinAmpersand Lake
Hurricane Mountain1,988' 3,677' EssexRocky Peak Ridge
Blue Mountain1,939' 3,759' HamiltonBlue Mountain Lake
Gore Mountain1,870' 3,572' WarrenGore Mountain
Plateau Mountain1,780' 3,850' GreeneHunter
High Peak1,705' 3,655' GreeneKaaterskill
Vanderwhacker Mountain1,686' 3,408' EssexVanderwhacker Mountain
Wakely Mountain1,631' 3,766' HamiltonWakely Mountain
Loon Lake Mountains (HP)1,600' 3,330' FranklinDebar Mountain
Huntersfield Mountain1,493' 3,423' Greene & SchoharieAshland
High Point1,420' 3,090' UlsterWest Shokan
Moose Mountain1,388' 3,897' EssexMcKenzie Mountain
Nippletop1,378' 4,609' EssexDix Mountain
Ampersand Mountains (HP)1,346' 3,330' FranklinAmpersand Lake
Street Mountain1,280' 4,150' EssexStreet Mountain
Saint Regis Mountain1,242' 2,874' FranklinSaint Regis Mountain
West Kill Mountain1,240' 3,890' GreeneLexington
Doubletop Mountain1,200' 3,870' UlsterSeager
Sugarloaf Mountain1,200' 3,810' GreeneHunter
Cascade Mountain1,194' 4,097' EssexKeene Valley
North Dome1,160' 3,610' GreeneLexington
Cave Mountain1,160' 3,110' GreeneHensonville
Pitchoff Mountain1,152' 3,497' EssexNorth Elba
Big Slide Mountain1,115' 4,248' EssexKeene Valley
Morgan Mountain1,113' 3,458' EssexWilmington
Pillsbury Mountain1,083' 3,612' HamiltonSpruce Lake
Adams, Mount1,043' 3,520' EssexMount Adams
Goodnow Mountain1,027' 2,690' EssexNewcomb
Seymour Mountain1,024' 4,091' FranklinAmpersand Lake
Owls Head Mountain1,010' 2,811' HamiltonDeerland
Azure Mountain1,000' 2,510' FranklinLake Ozonia

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