NM 1,000+' Prominence Peak List Completion

Ryan Courtney has completed 8 of 219 NM 1,000'+ Prominence Peaks   View Map

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Name Prominence Elevation Counties Quadrangle
Sandia Crest4,108' 10,678' BernalilloSandia Crest
Taylor, Mount4,094' 11,301' CibolaMount Taylor
South Baldy3,813' 10,783' SocorroSouth Baldy
Whitewater Baldy3,545' 10,895' CatronGrouse Mountain
McKnight Mountain2,545' 10,165' Grant & SierraVictorio Park
Santa Fe Baldy2,002' 12,622' Santa FeAspen Basin
Sierra Grande1,910' 8,720' UnionCapulin
Capulin Mountain1,012' 8,182' UnionFolsom

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