OR 1,000+' Prominence Peak List Completion

Larry Grant has completed 17 of 472 OR 1,000'+ Prominence Peaks   View Map

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Name Prominence Elevation Counties Quadrangle
South Sister5,593' 10,358' Deschutes & LaneSouth Sister
McLoughlin, Mount4,475' 9,495' JacksonMount McLoughlin
Steens Mountain4,383' 9,733' HarneyWildhorse Lake
Gearhart Mountain3,440' 8,370' LakeCampbell Reservoir
Thielsen, Mount3,362' 9,182' Douglas & KlamathMount Thielsen
Yamsay Mountain3,181' 8,196' KlamathYamsay Mountain
Ashland, Mount3,152' 7,532' JacksonMount Ashland
Pueblo Mountain3,042' 8,632' HarneyVan Horn Basin
Washington, Mount2,574' 7,794' Deschutes & LinnMount Washington
Swan Lake Point2,558' 7,260' KlamathSwan Lake Point
Broken Top2,195' 9,175' DeschutesBroken Top
Warner Peak2,127' 8,017' LakeWarner Peak
Roman Nose Mountain2,107' 2,857' DouglasRoman Nose Mountain
June, Mount1,398' 4,618' LaneMount June
Cougar Mountain1,321' 4,621' LaneMcCredie Springs
Spencer Butte1,194' 2,054' LaneCreswell
Middle Sister1,147' 10,047' Deschutes & LaneNorth Sister

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